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Virtual Sailor

Virtual Sailor 1.5
Virtual Sailor 1.5

Ilan Papini created the PC game Virtual Sailor, and it was published by Quality Simulations and Hangsim. Virtual Sailor is a program in which the users can operate many different kinds of vessels which may be sail and powered in various locations all over the world. Even if it is still virtual, the game is designed to look as life-like as possible. The graphics are high definition, and manuals are user-friendly. The game is both single-player, and it also features multiplayer options. Different kinds of boats are available to be designed by the users, and you can also add more features to the game such as sceneries, backgrounds, boat designs, sea animals and then share it with a community of other players. The first game was released in 1999. Since then, it has had many versions released. There is a total of 13 versions at the moment.

This game has multiple features like accurate wave dynamics below and above the sea. Meaning that when the boat is under the water, it behaves well to the direction of the waves and moves accordingly and does the same when it’s above the water. The sound quality the game is very accurate and clear. The users feel like they have a real life sailing experience because of the authentic sounds. The graphics are appealing and photorealistic. The marine life is broad and adjustable. The technology is advanced yet simple to use. The community is friendly and responsive to other’s games. An online challenge like racing with other users is also a feature of Virtual Sailing. For the best control over the boats, a 3D panel is available. The users can also document their files of boats and sceneries they create. Overall, the game is very popular and is played by tons of people all over the world.

The game shows challenging climate changes in which the players need to have full control over the boat even in strong wind and high seas. The players only trim the sails of the boat and tighten the sheets to sail the ship at the fastest speed. There is flexible control of the game. The users can manipulate their course of sailing as they please very comfortably.

The races between two players are fair as there are two tracks. Both racers can sail on their track, and there is no interference between the two racers. Therefore, there isn’t a single chance of cheating. This makes the players aware of their abilities at the end of the race and helps them realize how much they need to improve their sailing skills.

There are many virtual sailing games, but this is one of the best ones. Virtual Sailor is a very impressive and user-friendly game. Its features are excellent and meet all the requirements of a virtual sailing enthusiast.