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Naval Action

Naval Action has been created by Ultimate General: Gettysburg developer Game-Labs. It is a nautical sandbox where everyone sails through the oceans on beautiful ships, getting around the world by trading; fighting other ships and, as pirates often do, undertaking random acts of piracy. But this is a serious game, so there are not any caricatures of pirates. Or their parrots! This game plays into a time when sailing ships rule oceans and seas. Not only is the game exquisitely detailed, but it is also realistic and very exciting. Let’s take a look at the features Naval Action offers its players.

naval action
Naval Action is a superb game with some great sailing


Open world – the world in Naval Action is based off 18th-century maps, and historical town and harbors. The game itself is to be played using tricks tips that sailors in those times had to use. What we mean by this is that player position is not shown on the map in the game. It is something that players have to find on their own with the help of the sun, landmarks or compass! This maintains the authenticity of the era that the game has tried to capture.


The ships range from small ones to large one with 100+ guns. You can pick the ship of your choice and enjoy the most realistic sailing experience with sail plans, on point hull models and historical speed. The ships also have hidden features that are revealed as the game progresses and each ship in the game is different from the other.

Realistic gaming

This game has been carefully designed to give the players the closest possible experience to actual sailing. This is why players have to keep into account everything that can affect the ship’s portrayal such as ship angle to the wind, yard angles, ship condition. The inclusion of these factors allows the players to sail their ships as sailors used to in the actual world.


Arms are also from the earlier times. There are carronades, mortars, and long guns. The weapons on each will be different depending on the type of ship it is. There are also fire ships and branders in the game.


Since the developers wanted to recreate as much of the real world as possible, trading was also included as that is something ships needed to get by. There are ports, each with its own supply and demand patterns. To build the ship you need resources that you can get by trading and by capturing from the enemy.

System Requirements

You will need Windows 7 and above with a 64-bit operating system. A memory of 4GB at least is required but 8GB memory is recommended, and your system must be able to support the shader 5 model of AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB. You will also need a broadband internet connect and a 2GB available space for storage. The system requirements were found here.

Issues with Pirates of the Caribbean

The movie of the same name, while popular with many people, is not featured in this game. So Johnny Depp fans are going to be disappointed by his lack of appearance. However, the game itself makes up more for this absence. Created by the Russian developer Akella with Bethesda Softworks, Pirate of the Caribbean does come with it some technical issues, and it does take some time to learn it. But if you are looking for an exciting and different take on pirates, then this is the game for you.


The storyline revolves around Captain Nathaniel Hawk. The player, as Captain Hawk, has their adventures on land as well as on sea. There is a mix of interesting characters of different nationalities such as Portuguese, French, Dutch Spanish and British colonists as well as bloodthirsty pirates. The player meets these characters to get new missions. He also needs to collect information, crew members, new weapons, make money and obtain a ship so that the tasks can be completed. There are several towns with ports that have a general store, a tavern, and a shipyard. Other cities and villages have other destinations such as the harbormaster’s quarters or the office of the governor. The game starts off with Captain Nathaniel Hawk landing at Ox Bay, a British colony. He has to communicate with people, learn a few things such as commerce strategies and pick up a mission.

Problems within the game

pirates of the caribbean pc game
The Pirates of the Caribbean PC game lacks in some areas

Fun as the game is, it does have its set of problems which can hinder your enjoyment at times. The parts where Captain Nathaniel Hawk is on land are in third person perspectives. This is where the game has most of its problems. The biggest problem is that camera behaves inconsistently. This is especially annoying when you are in hand to hand combat in thirdperson and the camera gets stuck or has some other problem; that can mess up your position. Also, during combat situations, the camera gets jammed leaving Nathaniel and his crew members in vulnerable areas. As Nathaniel enters and leaves areas and building, the often gets stuck as the new environment is being loaded up. During these, the free camera control on the analog stick stops working, and Nathaniel just walks around pointlessly.

The PC version of this game is more stable than the Xbox one. Several users have reported that the Xbox version crashes or becomes corrupt and hours of saved game can be lost. The Xbox has more complicated controls compared to the PC game and takes longer to load. The PC also has awkward default control that cannot be change and the text in the game is often too large.

While these issues can be annoying, they don’t seriously affect your game. It is a fun and exciting game, and we would suggest you give it a try.