Experience realistic sailing with these PC games

If you are one of those people who has never stepped inside the water, the experience could become very intimidating. Learning the fundamentals of sailing is not a piece of cake.

Sailing practice is filled with jargons. In fact, to a newcomer, it would seem as if he doesn’t have a clue what people are talking about since everything on a boat has a very different and distinct name.

In the middle of a boat race or even an emergency situation, it is imperative that one knows the actual name of all of the equipment. It is also necessary to know how to adjust equipment in a hurry. During a race, a minor hitch in the adjustment of equipment can ruin your chances of winning altogether.

This means that a sailor should be aware of the all the words in the sailing vocabulary. He should also know the basic concepts regarding the wind directions, resistance, tidal waves, and water currents.

All the words and jargons related to sailing are available in books, however, with the help of a sailing simulation or a virtual sailing game, one will not be able to familiarize himself with these words, and he will also be able to understand their proper use in appropriate situations.

The actual sailing experience is tough, if not impossible, to teach in a classroom which makes navigation simulations very useful. With the help of virtual sailing games, one can get the actual feel of the phenomenon, and also get used to it.

There are many virtual sailing games available on the internet that allows users to have the authentic feel of the sailing experience. Most of the sailing simulators will work on any laptop but if you want to play all sailing simulations on max graphics then you can get one of the best gaming laptops under 1500. The reader can find information about some of these virtual sailing games in the article below:

1 Virtual Sailor

practice sailing with PC games
From small sailing boats to large ships. Virtual Sailor got it all!

This is a shareware program which was developed by Ilan Papini. It allows the user to operate many kinds of sailed and powered vessels over various locations all over the globe.

The boat dynamics and the graphics are near realistic. The game also offers capabilities of multiplayer sessions. Users get an opportunity to create many add-ons that can be shared with other players of the game.

Virtual Sailor offers correct wave dynamics both above the sea level and below. The dynamics for sailboat and motor propelled boats are also appropriate. The sounds are realistic.

The user can adjust weather conditions and water currents according to their preferences. The backgrounds are based on real topographies of different areas. The marine featured in the game is as good as real.

One more plus point of the game is that it utilizes the Direct X9 tech and three-dimensional graphics coupled with realistic sound.

Players can control an assortment of vessels that are both mast and motor powered. Interaction will other ships is also possible

2. SailX

SailX is another virtual sailing game that features the biggest fleet. It is also regarded as the most competitive among all the online sailing games.

One of the best aspects of using SailX is that you will not only find beginners here but also some of the most famous sailors, teams, and coaches in the world.

Because SailX is very carefully monitored, it is one of the safest online games.

There are many kinds of memberships available for the user that allows them to utilize different features of the game.

The registered user can use the fleet racing and live chat options. They can also get access to the wiki and the forum.

Bronze members can use the features available to the registered user and they get access to replays and ghost mode.

Silver members have all the options available to the Bronze members plus world ranking and extra protest options. They can also customize the color of their boats. A Silver member is also able to join different groups.

Gold members have all the options that are available to Silver members plus they get just about every option that the game has to offer. They also get priority over Bronze and Silver members.

3. Regatta

silja line simulatedIt is a three-dimensional sailing simulation game which allows the user to control a small boat in races. Users can set several options including the race course.

When the game starts, a user is scheduled to race against five other vessels. Steering of the boat can be done with a finger or the thumb while the other can be used for trimming sales.

It is a fun game which allows the user to play in a realistic environment and understand the physics of sailing.

Choosing the best course is necessary. The gamers also know simple things like trimming and avoiding the sail of another boat so that their wind is not blocked.

There are many user options which can be understood by reading the screen before starting the game. It will also allow the user to know the complications involved in the actual game.

It is great for all those users who are sailing for the first time. They are also advised to read the screen before jumping into the game.

As a kind of motivation, the game allows new users of the easiest level are soon able to leave behind some other boats allowing them to have a satisfying experience in the beginning.